At Cornerstone Foot & Ankle we believe surgical intervention should be the absolute last resort for our patients. We will always explore non-surgical treatment options to find the right solution for you. However, there are some cases in which surgery may be the only remaining option.

Once surgical intervention has been determined to be the best treatment option, we work closely with our patients to keep them informed from the point of evaluation, pre-op, the surgical procedure itself, and the post-operative course of care. Minor procedures, such as an ingrown toenail removal, can be performed under local anesthesia right here in our office. More complex surgeries, such as reconstructive foot surgeries, are done in the hospital with mild sedation and local anesthesia. Our podiatrists are skilled in the following surgical procedures:

If you are currently scheduled for surgery or if surgery was recommended, we would be happy to offer a second opinion to be sure that you are fully comfortable with the decision.

Paying for Surgical Procedures

We don’t want you to worry about what it will cost to find the relief you need. Our office accepts a variety of health plans, including:

  • Medicare
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Many Horizon, Amerihealth, Independence, and Cigna plans

If you don’t have insurance to cover the cost of surgery, don’t worry. We offer payment plans and other options to make the surgery affordable for you. Care Credit is also available. We will happily verify all insurance coverage before your appointment.

The thought of surgery may be frightening, but our doctors and our staff will answer all of your questions and make the entire process as painless as possible. You can trust our podiatrists to provide the highest quality care. Feel free to ask us any questions you have about your surgery.