Burning Feet

Diabetic nerve pain, also known as diabetic peripheral neuropathy, of the feet occurs if nerves are damaged as a result of diabetes. Damaged nerves cannot correctly transmit signals from the skin to the brain, causing the signals to become exaggerated and create the debilitating pain you may be feeling. Symptoms include shooting, stabbing, or burning pain in your feet, everyday pain while walking or standing, and intense pain in your feet that can interrupt your sleep.

Qutenza may provide up to 3 months of relief from diabetic nerve pain. Qutenza is the first and only treatment to deliver prescription-strength capsaicin directly to the skin. It works to quiet the damaged nerves at the site of pain and can be used alone or in combination with other treatments.

Treatment involves patches applied directly to the feet during a 30 minute in-office appointment and can be repeated every 3 months as needed. If you are experiencing diabteic nerve pain, contact our office to scheudle your Qutenza consultation now. 856-582-6082