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Nowadays, everyone knows someone who has diabetes. You might know many people who have it. Maybe you yourself are diabetic. When one has diabetes, taking excellent care of your feet is one of the single most important things you can do. Ignoring your feet can lead to serious problems, including long-term open wounds or possibly having to remove part or all of your foot or leg.

Here at Cornerstone Foot and Ankle, we make maintaining your feet quick and easy.

Diabetes can lead to blood flow and nerve problems and loss of that blood flow and sensation to the feet leaves you vulnerable to a multitude of health concerns.

The American Diabetes Association has estimated that one in five people with diabetes who seek hospital care do so for Foot Problems. By being aware and taking care of your feet, most foot problems can be prevented. It’s important that your doctor check your feet at least once a year for any problems and to evaluate you for any steps that can be taken to prevent complications in the future.

Athlete’s Foot, sores or wounds on your feet, Ingrown nails, Increasing numbness or pain, Calluses, redness or blackening of skin, Bunions, or Hammertoes can all lead to additional complications with your diabetes.

If you have diabetes, make an Appointment Request today or call us at (856) 582-6082 and let us help you stay healthy and active!

We are pleased to announce locations in Sewell, Mt. Holly, and Cherry Hill coming Summer 2014.

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