While it is true that almost everyone can benefit from a custom orthotic, we don’t prescribe them lightly. Follow our blog to find out when a custom orthotic or ankle brace may be the appropriate treatment for you and how we determine what kind of orthotic will best meet your needs.

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  • ARCH MADNESS 2019: 33% OFF CUSTOM ORTHOTICS If you suffer from heel pain, you may benefit from custom molded orthotics. Now during the month of March 33% OFF all custom orthotics.
  • Learn More About Orthotics: Their Benefits and Functionality Will Surprise You! Custom–fitted orthotics are completely individualized as they are not based just on your foot size. These unique devices are made precisely to the shape and form of your foot and will fit and support only you. Custom–made orthotics are the way to go to address your specific foot requirements.
  • Bunions: Can You Prevent Them From Getting Worse? A bunion is an enlarged big toe joint and can result from wearing shoes too narrow, foot injury, flat feet and many more. Learn how to treat a bunion and more importantly how to keep them from getting worse.
  • Arch Madness: 33% OFF CUSTOM ORTHOTICS If you suffer from foot pain you may benefit from custom orthotics. During the month of March we are running a special 33% OFF CUSTOM ORTHOTICS. Don't miss out!
  • Flat Feet? We've Got You Covered. Living with flat feet can get painful and should not be left untreated. Here at Cornerstone Foot & Ankle we have numerous treatments to offer flat feet. Make an appointment NOW!
  • Custom Foot Orthotics Custom foot orthotics are shoe inserts manufactured from a cast impression of your feet by your foot care professional and worn inside your shoes.