When you hear the word “orthotics,” what image jumps into your mind? An orthopedic device that helps prevent or correct a foot deformity? An appliance to help reduce an elderly person’s risk of falling? A shoe insert to realign the leg and relieve knee pain from osteoarthritis? Well, custom–fitted orthotics do all that and much more!

What Are Custom–Made Orthotics?

There are many types of shoe inserts available at pharmacies and other retail establishments. Off–the–shelf inserts are sold by shoe size or can be trimmed to fit, and are relatively inexpensive with no waiting period.

Store–bought inserts are, however, generic. Your feet are not generic! Instead, they have their own physiology and unique needs.

Custom–fitted orthotics are completely individualized as they are not based just on your foot size. These unique devices are made precisely to the shape and form of your foot and will fit and support only you. Custom–made orthotics are the way to go to address your specific foot requirements.

Orthotics Address a Wide Variety of Foot Problems

Custom-fitted orthotics can help many different foot issues, including:

·         Heel pain


·         Bunions

·         Corns and calluses

·         Flat feet

·         High arches

·         In – and out–toeing

·         Hammertoe and claw toe

·         Forefoot pain

·         Neuropathic ulcerations

Many foot problems arise from biomechanical issues caused by muscle weakness, joint problems or poor shoe choices. These issues put extra strain on the feet as well as higher up in the body, causing shin splints as well as knee, hip and lower back pain.
Orthotics can help resolve foot problems and those resulting from poor foot biomechanics.

Orthotics Help Athletes Stay in the Game

Athletes in virtually every sport – well, maybe not swimming! – as well as those who enjoy any type of workout can benefit from custom–made orthotics.

Because orthotics work with your specific foot type, they will improve your comfort, maintain appropriate alignment of your lower limbs and increase your efficiency. They also reduce the chance of a lower–limb injury to keep you in the game longer.

Whether you are a runner or walker or enjoy sports like basketball, tennis, dancing, climbing and biking, custom orthotics can enhance your performance while reducing pains and aches and lowering your risk of an overuse injury. Please come in to our office to discuss how orthotics can help you today!

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