There is a lot of information about medical conditions on the internet—probably too much information!—but you can trust our foot and ankle surgery library to give you the information you need to make a decision about having surgery and about how to care for your foot or ankle following surgery. We encourage you to browse our library today!

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  • Ankle Surgery There are many reasons for ankle surgery, such as injuries, congenital defects, and degenerative diseases that lead to ankle deformities.
  • Achilles Surgery To repair a torn Achilles tendon, surgery may be necessary after the initial swelling is reduced, about a week after the tear occurs.
  • General Surgery Information By the age of 50, most people will have traveled 75,000 miles on their feet. In light of this, foot problems are a common occurrence that affects more than 75% of Americans at one time or another. Foot and ankle problems can develop as a result of injuries, congenital defects, degenerative diseases, impact, stress, and …