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Running can be wearing on our muscles and joints, but the foot pain you might experience with running is not normal. Being a runner does not have to come with a side of aching and painful feet. The great news is there are simple fixes that can get you back to running pain-free.

#1 Bad habit of running is only focusing on your running shoes.

Most of us invest in good running shoes but it is important not to forget that we spend more time standing or walking in our everyday shoes than our running shoes. The most important job of our everyday shoes is to help us recover from the high impact forces of running. Modify your daily shoes to reduces aches and pains, and also help your body recover.

#2 Bad habit is not enough stretching.

Stretching before and after running is the key to avoid injuries. Stretching your muscles in calf, foot and ankle will allow them to function at their best without any compensation. It improves your gait during running as well as prevents aches and pains after running. Stretching at least 5 minutes before and after running will help you feel better after your run and improve your posture while running.

#3 Bad habit is too much too soon.

Running is a wearing sports on our muscles and joints and so getting them stronger is just as important. Taking a break from running and adding strength workouts two or three times during the week will help you get stronger and prevent aches.  The key is to include exercises that improve mobility and balance to prevent the development of weak links in your body.

Our foot health is vital and after all, they are our foundation. Investing some time in strength and flexibility exercises as well as adjusting your footwear and training routine are simple things that can prevent pain and injury to your feet. If you are experiencing any foot or ankle pain contact our office to schedule your appointment today! 

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