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The Good news of the day is your flatfeet can’t stop you from being a successful runner. Paying attention to warning signs, proper training and proper shoes will help you run better and avoid pain. The biggest problem with picking proper shoes today is too many options! As you walk in the store, the pop of colors, designs, so many brands and styles to pick from make you almost forget what you really need. There three key points will keep you on the track in the process of purchasing your running shoes.

3 key points to remember to pick the best shoe for your flatfeet:

  • #1 Stability
  • #2 Motion control
  • #3 Comfort


If you have flatfeet, you know that keeping your flat arches supported is a daily struggle. Keeping them supported is even more important when running to avoid injury. Pronation is the biggest problem that needs to be addressed in your running shoes. A shoe that provides proper lifting of your arch to keep your feet from turning inward is the main goal of a stability shoe. Adding a proper custom made functional orthotics with this shoe will help you even more to protect that collapsing arch and stabilize your foot and ankle from injuries.

Motion control

Another big problem with flatfeet is unable to keep the heel straight when running or walking which causes more pain in injuries like tendonitis, plantar fasciitis or achilles tendonitis. Heel motion is controlled by a shoes that has stable heel with a good height and width to control the pronatory forces.


Comfort is the most important factor when looking for a running shoe. Adequate cushion in the arch (the midsole), ball of the foot and toe box (forefoot) as well as wider toe box will help you accommodate for the widening of the foot with pronation and give you the most comfort while running. The shoes to avoid are the ones with narrow heels and narrow toe box.

These key points will help you pick proper running shoe for your feet but make sure to talk to your Cornerstone doctor as you might need more support and stability of a custom molded orthotics along with a proper shoe to keep you running pain-free.

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