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What is a Jones Fracture?

A Jones fracture is a fracture of the 5th metatarsal bone of the foot. The foot has five metatarsals, which are the long bones of the forefoot that are located at the base of the toes. When you have a break at the base of the 5th metatarsal bone, the long bone on the outside of the foot, it is called a jones fracture. The area of bone where a Jones fracture is located is notorious for being difficult to heal because of decrease blood supply to this area of the foot.

How does this happen?

This fracture may be a result of many different kinds of activities including playing basketball which requires jumping, like Kevin Durant, spraining the foot while walking, running, dancing etc. Is falling or jumping the only way to get this fracture? The answer is no, but it usually requires either physical activity as simple as twisting the foot or ankle.

How is a Jones Fracture treated?

Most fracture treatments rely on a few simple truths. If the fracture pieces are in good alignment, they will heal by themselves.  If the fracture pieces are dislocated or displaced, then you will most likely require surgery to bring them together to allow the bone to heal.

Jones fractures are a little different than most fractures. When deciding on a treatment course the question becomes:  how active are you?

Historically, keeping the foot from moving by wearing an immobilization boot or cast for 6 weeks allows the bone to heal by itself. If you do not put weight on the foot, the bone begins to heal by itself. If weight is put on the foot, the tendons and ligaments that attach to the bone cause the fracture to displace or dislocate, ultimately preventing healing of the Jones fracture. If the fracture is not healing after 6 weeks in a cast or boot then you will most likely require surgery.

In most young and active individuals, like Kevin Durant and many working people, the initial treatment of choice for a Jones fracture is surgery. Surgical management of Jones fractures helps to ensure that the bone heals within 6 to 8 weeks and helps you get back to your daily activities. Every patient and every fracture is different and should be treated on an individual basis. If you have a question about Jones fracture, any type of fracture, or foot and ankle problems feel free to contact one of the knowledgeable physicians at Cornerstone Foot and Ankle.

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