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If your feet could talk, what do you imagine they might say to you?

Think about it , your feet are subject to punishing stress every single day of your life! From walking, to working out and playing sports, to dancing and working and even just a good tickle, our feet are our foundation and main mode of transportation. If you have foot pain, listen to what your feet are trying to tell you.

All too often, we ignore our feet and expect them to keep going and going … just like the Energizer Bunny! But if our feet could talk and tell us what they really need, what do you think they would say?

  • “We hurt!” Listen to us! When our heels or toes are painful, or we feel inflamed or swollen, or even feel cold or a little numb – that could signal a problem. Don’t ignore us – take us to an experienced foot doctor for an evaluation.
  • “Check us every day.” Even small changes in our shape, color, skin texture, or any type of damage may be a sign of a serious issue. This is especially true if we have diabetes. Take a few minutes to check us thoroughly every day.
  • “What are you thinking with these tight shoes?” C’mon, we have to be comfortable to do our job properly! Our toes need plenty of room to wiggle and move around. Please invest in some sturdy shoes with wide toe boxes – no pointy toes!
  • “We look great in high heels, but they are doing a number on us.”Wearing high heels jams our toes into a too–narrow space and can cause lasting and even permanent problems like bunionshammertoes and metatarsalgia (pain in the ball of the foot). High heels can throw off our balance causing fractures and sprains and can even lead to knee and back problems! Please wear high heels only for special occasions.
  • “Use a straight edge to trim our toenails!” An at–home pedicure is fine, but cutting our nails too closely or rounding them at the corners can cause painful ingrown toenails.
  • “That slightly grimy nail salon? Just say no!” Please, do your homework! Check out any nail salon in advance and look for implements that are sterilized after each use; sanitized basins; super–clean floors and chairs; all posted state and local permits and licenses. We don’t want to come home with a fungal or bacterial infection.

What are your feet trying to tell you? Don’t ignore foot pain! Listen carefully, and then call us for a prompt evaluation, professional diagnosis and an effective treatment plan created just for you.

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