Nine months out of the year your feet are tucked away in your socks and hidden behind sneakers, boots, heels or even slippers. But from Memorial Day to Labor Day your feet are on display while you attend backyard BBQ’s, picnics, and pool parties.  For some of us, it may not be a pretty sight, but luckily Cornerstone Foot & Ankle has some advice for you!

Fungus: Your Feet’s Worst Enemy

Fungus grows in dark, moist place, making the inside of your shoe a prime breeding ground. Fungal infections can simply be avoided by the following.

  • Wash and dry feet thoroughly, taking extra care to dry between the toes.
  • Use powder to keep the feet dry.
  • Keep socks and footwear clean and dry; socks can be changed several times daily.
  • Wear footwear made of breathable materials that allow air to circulate around the feet; constricting footwear, stockings, and socks can trap moisture and perspiration on the feet.
  • Never share socks or footwear.
  • Do not use someone else’s foot hygiene instruments, such as nail clippers, emery boards, or foot files.
  • Do not walk barefoot in public areas such as showers, pools, and locker rooms; instead, wear plastic flip-flops, slides, or shower shoes

Here at Cornerstone Foot & Ankle, we treat a lot of patients just like you who want to be able to hit the beach or throw on a pair of sandals without having to worry about discolored, damaged, unpleasant looking nails or nail fungus. Even after eradicating damaged or fungal toenails, patients are left with short and unpleasant looking nails that take months to grow back.

How Can Keryflex Benefit YOU?

Your Podiatrists are EXCITED to introduce Keryflex Nail restoration system that allows patients to leave our office with beautiful and natural looking toenails the same day as their treatment. Keryflex treatment is applied directly to the patient’s remaining nail. After hardening, it’s filed down and shaped to look just like a natural nail. Patients can apply nail polish immediately and wear open toe shoes right away.

Get your feet summer ready TODAY!


 You can walk away with a full set of beautiful, healthy looking nails in UNDER 1 HOUR! And it is done by our well trained and Keryflex Certified doctors, Taral ShahJulaine Miller, Nick Butler and William Murray at Cornerstone Foot & Ankle. So what are you waiting for?

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