The right athletic shoe can make a big difference in success with your chosen exercise or sport. Investing in a separate, specific pair of shoes for each activity will really pay off. Here are some quick guidelines.


Runners need extra cushioning in the heel and forefoot to handle the great impact that hits the feet with every step. The right running shoe has a built–up heel for those who land on the ball of the foot, while runners who strike with heel or midfoot should look for less build–up on the heel.

Finding the right running shoe is essential to feeling your best while exercising. It is important to identify your gait, or in simple terms the style you run, and tailor your shoes to those needs. Putting on the wrong running shoes for your feet is equivalent to putting the wrong gas in your car!


Walkers don’t need as much cushioning in the forefoot which can add weight to the shoe. As walkers strike the ground first with the heel, having heel cushioning is essential. Look for a lighter shoe that still provides adequate cushioning.

The biggest struggle people have with walking shoes is buying shoes for the look over comfort.  It is smart to try on multiple styles of shoes to find which feel best for you. Identifying your style of walking will help with maximizing your comfort and minimizing the pain


This sport involves lateral movements with frequent stops, starts, and turns. Choose flat shoes with lots of support, cushioning and traction.


It is important to protect your ankles while playing Basketball. Ankles are the most vulnerable to injure with all the quick motions. Look for shock–absorbing midsoles with lots of ankle support and traction for quick, sharp movements on the court. Watching how you land on your feet after jumping in the air can also save you a trip to the doctor’s office.


Your hiking shoe depends on the terrain, and choices range from supportive sandals for well–maintained trails, to mid – or high–cut hiking boots if you are carrying a light backpack, to heavy mountaineering boots with stiff midsoles.


Whether indoor or out, look for shoes specifically designed for bicycling as these are lighter, have good ventilation and stiff soles to transfer power to the pedals.

When shopping for athletic shoes, visit a specialty sporting shoe store for the best selection and advice. Shop later in the day when feet are largest and bring along your own socks. If an injury should arise be sure to contact Cornerstone Foot & Ankle for proper medical treatment.

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