For many of us, winter brings a whole new set of sports and outdoor activities. Ice-skating, ice hockey, snowboarding and skiing activities are a great way to get some fresh air and have fun during these long snowy months. However, they are also very high speed and high impact sports contributing to many injuries of the foot and ankle.

More than 28,000 ankle injuries occur in United States every day. Ankle sprains and fractures are the most common skiing and snowboarding ankle injuries. Several strategies can help prevent ski injuries, such as having the appropriate equipment and choosing ski runs that match your level of experience. It is very important to stretch and warm up your muscles before getting on the ice or slopes to prevent stress and strains on muscles and ligaments. It also helps to prepare the muscles for the flexing required for forward lean when skiing and skating. Wearing the proper shoes is a huge factor in preventing excess motion in ski boots or skates.

Snowboarding has now become a popular sport on the slopes, which requires a twisting motion of the lower body to control the board. Lower extremity injuries can happen easily if there is not enough control on the board causing a fall or twisting of the ankle. It is important to wear the sturdy and insulated boots that are flexible enough to accommodate the twisting of the lower body to safely control the board. One of the most important things to learn when skiing or snowboarding is how to fall properly. Falling is the main cause of injury in winter sports and not knowing the proper way to fall can cause serious injury.

Many of the winter injuries are non-sports injuries where twisting of the foot or ankle can happen very easily on a slippery icy surface. It is important to make sure all walkways and driveways are properly cleared of snow and ice. Whether you are shoveling snow or hitting the slopes for some snow day fun, here are some tips to avoid foot and ankle injuries.

  • Be sure to wear shoes or boots with a traction sole that can prevent slipping
  • Check for slippery spots and ice patches before getting out of your home or car and also when walking on stairs
  • Warm up and stretch the essential muscles to keep your balance before outdoor activities

In the case of an ankle or foot injury you will require specialized care. Here at Cornerstone Foot and Ankle we have multiple doctors who are specifically trained to help aid you in your recovery and get you back on your feet.

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