This weekend kicked off the start to the playoffs in the National Football League. Whether your team was playing in the Wildcard Round, resting during their first round bye or you were sadly watching from the sideline, we all witnessed what happened in Saturday night's Cowboys versus Seakhawks game.  The biggest headline, besides the Eagles pulling off a win against the Chicago Bears, was the gruesome injury to the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Allen Hurns. He sustained injury during the first quarter of game. After Hurns made a 14 yard catch he was tackled by Seahawks safety Bradley McDougald, dislocating his left ankle. From Hurns expression it was clear that he was in severe pain.

If you watched the play live or caught it on replay you can see his foot was bent the wrong way and as the medical team rushed out to him it was clear that he had dislocated his ankle. Unfortunately for him, he will have to make his return to the field next season.

Severe trauma can pull or tear the ankle ligaments out of place. This creates an abnormal space between one or more bones. The ligaments are very strong and don't pull away or tear easily, so you can understand the impact Hurn had when he landed on his foot. Ankle dislocations usually occur along with a break in one of the bones of your ankle. In some cases, an ankle dislocation can happen without a break in the bones of the ankle. In these cases, the ankle dislocation occurs along with a severe ankle sprain.

A temporary cast was placed on Hurn's left ankle and foot before he was carted off and taken to the hospital.  He underwent immediate surgery to fix his open dislocation and remains in high spirits. “Truly appreciate all the prayers. If you know me you know I don’t lack having faith,” he tweeted Sunday evening. “I trust and thank the man above through the ups and downs. Ready to attack this recovery process, better believe I will come back on a mission”. It is great to see a player in such high hopes after such a severe injury and we hope he has speedy recovery.

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