Whether it’s because you haven’t done your laundry yet or you think it’s stylish, there are many reasons why you may wear shoes without socks. Wearing socks creates a barrier between your shoes and feet which easily prevents skin conditions such as Athletes Foot, Calluses, and Fungal bacteria. Athlete’s foot is a contagious form of fungus, which can infect persons usually resulting in itching, burning, dry, and flaking skin. Treatment is often difficult, because of its contagious and recurring nature. The fungus which causes athletes foot is found to survive in moist humid areas. By not putting on socks you are not only inviting in multiple skin conditions, but also many other things such as mold and bacteria. If the threat of possible skin disease doesn’t scare you away then the smell definitely will. Dr. Josh Miller said “When a patient’s feet profusely sweat I recommend Nike Dri-FIT socks opposed to the standard white tube socks”.

If you think keeping the outside of sneakers clean is a struggle, imagine how terrible it gets when you’re sweating through the insides, too. Socks absorb the moisture from our feet as we go through the day and without socks the sweat from your feet will have your brand new shoes smelling pretty funky. Socks also prevent chafed and cracked skin. The constant rubbing against your footwear can take a big toll on your feet. Simply wearing a pair of socks can prevent this from happening.

During the warmer months we tend to walk around barefoot at home or the beach, which makes your skin prone to dryness. This is what causes callus, which can lead to fissures or cracked skin on the heel. If you continue to engage in activities without any precautions and treatment, the cracks will widen and grow deeper. Lack of care can be painful and can even lead to bleeding and infection. Inactive sweat glands are also one of the reasons for causing cracked heel.

Now if you can’t resist wearing your favorite pair of boat shoes without socks in these upcoming warmer months, Dr. Josh Miller suggests “No show socks are a good alternative to being protected from these skin conditions and having it look like you are not wearing socks.” If you think you are developing any of these skin conditions, you’ve come to the right place. Schedule an appointment with Cornerstone Foot and Ankle and our doctors can assist you in getting the treatment you need to get rid of these various skin conditions. Our skilled Doctors will examine your possible condition and get you on the track to happy and healthy feet.

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