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Another simple thing that can easily sidetrack your fitness goals is a fungal infection.

Increased activity, sweating, and exposure to the gym environment can lead to the development of athlete’s foot.

Athlete’s foot is caused by a fungal infection that typically creates redness and scaling between the toes and on the soles of the feet. Also called Tinea Pedis,  gets its name because it is common in athletes and the places they frequent, such as a locker room. Simple measures can be taken to avoid the development of this itchy problem.

First, do not walk around barefoot at the gym. Bring sandals or flip-flops to wear in the shower, while changing, in the sauna or steam room, or while walking to the pool.

Keep your feet dry, including the spaces in between your toes. If your feet sweat a lot, change your socks regularly.

Try and avoid wearing the same pair of shoes from one day to the next. Allowing your shoes to fully dry (48 hours or more).

Remember – hot, damp places provide the environment that fungus LOVES, so try and avoid giving it the opportunity to ruin your workout.
Over the counter creams can be very helpful in treating existing athletes foot. If you have tried using these with little success, it’s time to visit your Sewell podiatrist at Cornerstone Foot and Ankle to explore other options. Make an Appointment TODAY!

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