Just about everyone experiences heel pain at least once. Heel pain may not signal a serious condition, but it certainly interferes with your normal activities like exercising and even walking. Here are some frequent questions that we are often asked in our practice about this very common ailment:

What causes heel pain? One of the most frequent causes of heel pain is plantar fasciitis, or inflammation of the thick band of tissue that runs on the bottom of your foot from the heel to the toe bones. Plantar fasciitis affects up to 10% of the population! Other common causes of heel pain include a biomechanical problem like arch height, repeated heel stress or impact, or Achilles tendonitis. Arthritis or bursitis can contribute to heel pain too.

Why does my heel hurt the most when I first get out of bed in the morning? The plantar fascia ligament on the bottom of your foot contracts while you are resting. Standing causes sudden and painful stretching and pulling of the ligament.

Who is most at risk of heel pain? Women have plantar fasciitis more often than men, perhaps because of poor shoe choices like high heels. Those who are overweight or who stand for several hours each day, individuals with either flat feet or a very high arch, as well as those who wear worn out shoes with thin soles are at increased risk of heel pain.

What kind of treatment is available for heel pain? If you suffer from heel pain, please come visit us for an accurate diagnosis and a treatment plan that works best for you. Some of our treatments include non-steroidal anti–inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), to reduce inflammation; a steroid injection to relieve both pain and inflammation; rest and icing the painful area; physical therapy for stretching and strengthening exercises and massage. If your pain persists, we may recommend more intense treatments and even surgery.

Can heel pain be prevented? A few lifestyle changes can help plantar fasciitis from recurring. If you are overweight, lose weight to reduce the pressure on your feet. Avoid wearing high heels – instead, choose sturdy shoes with good support. Stick to low–impact workouts like swimming and biking instead of running. Stretch your calves and the bottom of your feet frequently. Even sleeping with your bedsheet untucked will allow your feet to stretch out at night!

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