This is a question that haunts most parents on a daily basis. Kids are not playing with their brothers and sisters, they are not playing sports at school and subsequently they are gaining weight. Is there anything wrong with them?

As a parent, these are all legitimate questions to ask your kids pediatricians and doctors and if the answer is everything is fine with them medically then most likely than not, you are looking at a biomechanical problem.

What is a biomechanics problem? 

All kids are born with supple flat feet and as they grow, they develop an arch. Between the ages of 1-3 years, the foot is primarily flat, from 4-7 years, their arches develop. If after 7 years of age there is no arch, then there is a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The most common misconception is that the kid will grow out if it. The foot like most genetic traits, is inherited from family. if anyone in the family has similar type of feet especially mom, dad,brother or sister, the kid is most likely going to inherit one of the foot types. Don’t wait for the kid to have foot, knee or hip problems before finding out why.

These problems can be corrected or controlled based on what the cause is. By examining the child and taking a look at some studies, the problem could be from a coalition, flat feet and other issues that can be dealt with to help your child play with their brothers and sisters, play sports and be faster without pain.

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