Besides keeping your feet warm or making a fun fashion statement, socks are very important. More than just padding or cushioning, they actually serve as a barrier between the shoes and the feet. A good pair of socks can prevent foot problems like blisters, calluses and fungal infection, as well as absorb some of the impacts on the feet and ankles and reduce soreness after working out.

Most importantly it is essential to have well–fitting socks too. If they are too tight, they will trap moisture that can lead to toenail fungus and athlete’s foot. Socks without enough cushioning are problematic, especially for athletes who do a lot of jumping or running on pavement.

If your feet smell or sweat you should avoid wearing cotton socks. Even though cotton feels like a light and comfortable material it holds moisture next to the skin and can make foot odor worse. Cotton fibers also retain heat, instead of insulating (like wool) and heat equals bacteria and odor.  We suggest wearing socks made of synthetic fibers, such as a polyester blend. These socks prevent hot, humid feet and are durable, quick drying, wrinkle resistant and easy to clean.

Here are a few considerations when choosing comfortable socks that pair well with your activity:

  • Always try socks on before purchasing.
  • Shop at a specialty sports footwear store and ask a staff member which socks fit your exercise of choice.
  • Opt for a high thread count for greater protection and to repel moisture.
  • Look for socks with cushion sole support and a reinforced heel and toe.
  • Buy the right size – your toes should reach the seam and the heel padding should be in the right place to protect your heel.
  • Ask about socks that will wick away moisture and cause less irritation and friction.

Wearing socks can prevent a variety of foot health issues and here at Cornerstone Foot & Ankle, we recommend only wearing properly selected and fitted socks for your chosen activity.  If you have any questions about socks or your foot health contact us today!

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