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Do I have an Ingrown Toenail?

My toenail hurts. It looks red and swollen. Angry, really. There is pus coming from under the nail and from the skin. I have tried cutting it myself, soaking it, anything to pull the nail out from the skin. But it doesn’t help. Sound familiar? Are you experiencing this now?

You probably have an ingrown toenail.

A number of things can cause an ingrown nail including, but not limited to, these;

  1. Shoes. If you wear shoes that are not the right size, that have narrowing at the toes (i.e. high heels, dress shoes), or shoes without support then there is a good chance your toes get jammed into the shoes. Over time, this may cause your nail to curve into the skin as it grows.
  2. Sports. Ingrown nails tend to happen a lot in children who play sports. Again, when shoes are tight without support then it puts pressure on the nails which causes them to dig into the skin.
  3. Cutting them too short. If you trim the nails too short or angle the sides, it can cause them to start to grow into the skin.
  4. Genetics. Mom had them when she was little and so did dad. If this is the case then you are more likely to have them as well.

An ingrown nail can become infected. If you have any of the following symptoms, make an Appointment Request today with your podiatrist at Cornerstone Foot and Ankle to get them taken care of.

  • Side of nail is buried into the skin.
  • Swelling and redness around the nail.
  • Nail corners oozing or bleeding with shoes.
  • Pain with walking and wearing preferred shoes.
  • Throbbing in the toe.

If your podiatrist determines you have an infection, you will need a quick in-office procedure and possibly an antibiotic to clean it up.

If you suspect you have an ingrown nail, Contact Us at Cornerstone Foot and Ankle BEFORE it becomes a real issue. Removing the portion of the nail that is causing pain before an infection starts can save you a lot of pain and discomfort.

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